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Where is VRAM temperature nvidia 3090?

VRAM temps for gddr6x aren’t available in nvidia management libraries for Linux, until they add the functionality it’s only available on windows.

Also, please make sure to set proper ocs, max the mem as much as is stable individually, and run the lowest locked core clock that gets you full hash. No power limit needed when you set the core clock. Should be around 125mh @300w

To keep them from throttling you may need to run 100% fan as well.

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put 300 watts power limit on Hive. Then play a little by lowering the memory.
Run 2 fans toward your rig. It helped my 3080 (thermal padded)
-Cooler gives better Megahash

  • Keaton said at 300 watts, so keep it at 300 and test the temps.

The manual way to do it is manually overclock and check them out one by one on windows. but unfortunately theres nothing to check on linux based system.

  • surrounding temps and outside temperate if its near the window or something really matters. you just dont want a build up of heat. it messes with the memory temperature.

Its really not a bad idea to increase your fan speed. You can replace GPU fans cheaply. But not the memory.

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no need for power limits with locked core clocks. the gpu will only use the power it needs, some 3090s will be at 285w and other at 315. you can see if its thermal throttling in hive using the command: nvidia-smi -q | egrep "Thermal Slowdown"


Hi, please can you recomend OC settings for MSI 3090 SUprimX

Read my above comments, you should find the best clocks for your card that way


Hi everone,
My 3090 SuprimX hash rate drop around 117MH after update the latest hiveOS version
is anyone having same issue?
my OC settings is -200 - 2400 And 300PL
Fan speed is 80 Percent and temp its usually 50 degrees

use a locker core clock instead of the offset and no power limit. 100% fan

What do you think about this

Remove the power limit and bump the memory up

Go for 310 Voltage. Every card is different you to have tweak accordingly.
Hope this helps.

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