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When profits are high pool goes down again!

I’m so sick of the pool going down every time the profits are high. Seems very deliberate to me.


Is that what is going on? I have 0.08 daily reward, but today got around 0.01 in 10 hours which seems very off. Whats up with that?

yes somethings going on specially since a month with difficulty going up… profits fluctuate like crazy 20 / day to 50 / day.
and now it shows I have nothing though i was at 0.1 ETH while miner is running…???

Hope its just some glitch and it will affirm all that is mined during that period.

Sure when profits are rising then everyone needs to click F5 / refresh web stats.
It’s just a web interface glitch, relax guys.


relax??? its been 2 hours or more.

Seems shady AF. This is not new and there is a pattern. How can such a large pool not be able to support the traffic? Like I said before, When mining transactions are high and profits are up, the pool always seems to have some reporting issue. The fact is we as miners have no way of knowing what is really going on and just have to “trust them” that we are being credited with the shares we might or might not have submitted. How can we verify this?

well ETH is sorta back now and guess what… reported hash is showing as 120 MHs less.
so for me its 120 MHs that will be a loss for me for at least 2:30 hours. I’m not sure how long this started, i only noticed 2:30 hours ago.

they’re still fixing it. it just refreshed to proper hash rates.

What are you talking about man?
Web interface just web interface (GUI). Pool servers, Ethereum nodes, web interface it’s different servers in different locations.
Come on already :grinning:

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Hi there Im new to Hive OS, was mining last few days, all of a sudden my balance has gone to 0, refreshing is not brining anything other than 0. As I’m mining on the HiveOS pool didnt reach the threshold for payout, is there some sort of problem?, would appreciate if someone could kindly advise?


It’s back up and reporting, but now stats show a shit ton of stale shares for the period the “GUI” was down? Is that our fault? All I’m saying is that there is a definite pattern and they should address whatever problem causes this. Why so many stale shares if it’s only a reporting issue? I went from none to 14 in the blackout period.

Did you mean widget “Your funds”?
Did you check your balance on pool where you mining?

Hi there Halo

It was saying something like 20% to payout when I last looked, and then suddenly it’s gone from whatever I’d mined to 0, now if I click on Eth 0 - it normally shows me the rate of earning, day, weekly etc, and paid put balance, it’s all zero - I know my wallet is right, and I didn’t reach 0.1ETH or does it pay out below that ? apologies once again for the novice queries

Because your wallet it’s your private data and I guess it’s not very well ask what is wallet here so I suggest ask Hive OS official support to check your earnings, wallet and settings.

Ask on pool page (look at right bottom corner of your browser)

But first check on pool page.

you need to open your eyes… its not just web GUI.
it actually shows what’s going on and if the only thing that shows user what’s going on goes offline… well !

and to prove it…
now i have tons of stale shares showing.
my shares are way way less for 3 hours
its showing some invalid shares while my miner shows nothing. and my miners are up for 48 hours now without a restart and that too were restarted to fix something for 3 minutes.

Halo if you check out the topics page - under Accounts - someone just posted the same problem -there description is better?

yes it happened to everyone. it just came back.

My rigs work on different ISP and stale share rate not higher than usual.
Anyway Forum just place to people talks. You can ask official support as I suggest above.

and to crown the shady’ness
HIveOS just reset everything so it shows miners going on for few minutes only. LMAO.

this is not normal.

Ahhh sorry if we have a misunderstanding. I’m just old school and always look on pool first

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