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When I turn on my rig this appears on my 3090 rig

Brother my rig is not starting with 3090, I tried rebooting multiple times. I switched my GPUs thinking it was ryzer issue but no. Rig now won’t start with 3090 on it keeps like this. I had to run just my 3070’s for the day. Ignore the core and memory values I switched GPUs that is why it is happening. Any fix of this do I need to buy a motherboard?

Open the miner in the shell and see what it’s saying

Hi @Zero2,

My settings were unnecessarily high and although I use a large fan against the cards, it turns out that I may have overloaded them too much.

After I made changes as keaton_hiveon suggested to you, I saw that my cards work well and with a good hashrate with more sparing settings. His comments have always been helpful and have helped many users in the community.

I hope you find the best solution for you.

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2700 on the mem is way too high. I rarely go above 2400/2500
you should be able to get a STABLE output of 120MH from 2000.

what’s the point of pushing your cards to the limit and getting downtime. downtime is very hard to recoup

actually mining is so freakin time consuming it would just be easier buying the coin. but that’s another story entirely.