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When do I get paid?

I recently started mining a week or so and have only 0.0064 ETH. Just curious on when do I get PAID and how often? The whole process with HiveOS has been great except for the payment process!

See screenshot -

When you hit 100% payout…

If you get to 100%, Hive has changed their policy – basically if youu want daily payouts use Binance pool.

Hivepool keeps all your $ if you never hit 100%; which is kinda fucked up because when eth goes POS they’re basically rug pulling everyone.

If I change to Binance now will that add more fees? Will I loose my earnings that I have on Hivepool? Not sure what is the best approach here. Thx.

I dont recall where I read this, but my understanding is the HivePool pays out daily for balances above .1 ETH and monthly for inactive acounts(14 days) above .01 ETH monthly. I dont remember more than that. But Im looking for the FAQ page.

And strike that, apparently they changed that policy last month. You now need to reach .1 ETH.
Which was changed due to the increased cost in transferring coins to your wallet. That sucks but its reasonable to me.

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