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Whats happened to Rx570 rx5700xt cards + all cards gone to shite in last 24hrs

Anyone else have rigs usig both rx570 & rx5700xt cards got shite yesterday? i have 2 rigs running both these cards and every card is suddenenly running poor to the point ive had to shut rigs off . Been working fine for 2yrs mining ergo . now if they even start mining each card is down to 6-7mhs and the 5700xts only hitting 40+ with mutlipul bad blocks. I am at a loss , nothing has changed and other rigs wioth nvidia / rx580 cards are running fine.

What settings/miner? Still on ergo?

yes m8, still on ergo and the same settings that i have been using for 18months . its got to be something with TRM . if i use another miner the rx5700xt comes back to life but looks like trm is the only one that work with 570 series :frowning:

looks like an issue with the autolykos algo , switching to etc all works :frowning:

Same, was mining ERG.

ppl are saying the dag size has now stopped 4gb cards being used . That has sorted 1 rig but the other is totally screwed and wont mine ergo with trm , anything else is fine so im calling a problem with trm / hiveos. problem is both of their support structures are shite!

I have same issue on RaveOS with 4GB rig, so.