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What to mine with my Redeon RX570 4GB cards?


Hi Guys, I’ve got my 7x RX580 8GB chugging away and still churning a profit… but I’m stuck with another 7x RX570 4GB cards… I’m trying ETC on hiveon using TeamRedMiner, but the earning rate is showing crap.

Any ideas? I was thinking ZIL but couldn’t get it to work on Hiveos!

I’m mining RVN with 7 x RX 470 4 GB and 6 x RX 570 4 GB. Seems profitable.

Same here, Ravencoin (RVN).

Cool, thanks guys, I’ll check it out!

Managed to get up and running with RVN which is good, thanks.
Getting has rates of between 14.00 and 14.50 … is that about what you guys are achieving on 4GB cards?

my 470s are old and i bought them used they hit about 9 MH + - ea.
my 570s are newer and i bought them used and they hit 11 HM ± ea.
I’m new to Hiveos and still feeling my way around the GUI and OC stuff.

Found this video overclocking / under volting the rx 470s and got mine to 13.5 now

Thanks, I’ll take a few tips from his suggestion on the settings in OC/s in HiveOS, a few things I’ve learnt there.

Also, concenring the PolarisBiosEditor, I’ve been using this and got really good results. I’ve not set anything manually, you can get good results just from using the automatic option there. In HiveOS you can Download a copy of the card BIOS, save that on your PC, then upload that into PolarisBiosEditor, click on “One Click Timing Patch” and press Yes to the various options, and then SAVE a copy of the new BIOS… (save as a different names, like “new” as the prefix), so you have your original at hand as well if you need it. Then in HIVEOS you can flash the new BIOS back to the card. This has helped all my cards. DO AT YOUR OWN RISK… but it has helped me. As I say that’s as far as I have taken it so far, still loads to learn.

Dang more to read and learn. Thank for the info!

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