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What to mine when Ethereum 2.0 roll out?

Have anyone switched already?


Well it depends on a lot of factors.

Do you have 4 or 8 GB gpus.
What is you energy price.
Nvidia or AMD.

Well if you have cheap energy and good PSU i would try Ravecoin.
If you have a high energy price and weak PSU i would try XHV.
If you have just 8 GB cards may be DBIX. (If you sell it at the right time it is very profitable)

But i am just a hobby Miner. I would be also interesting what professional miners have as plan B.


Thank you, good answer. I have seen many ads with people selling gpu mining machines now with 700MH for 12-14000$ i wonder if someone buys, it got thinking of selling mine but i love to mine :slight_smile:

I have a lot of 8GB cards but i also 6 4GB RX470 cards that want to try ravencoin.

Hello, I have the same question. What to mine when Ethereum 2.0 arrive.
I have seven cards. 5 nvidia 3060 ti and 2 AMD 5600
My electricity is very high 0,18Kw usd

Could somebody recommend me what to mine after?

I wonder also whats the position of our poolfor the 1st April.


what to mine .com is a good place to have a look at what profitability is there at the moment.