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What this gap on "overview MH/s" means?

Hello there! i would like to know what are these gaps? bcus the rig seems to be still working when theses gaps appear on hiveos overvew. Ethermine doesnt shows no drop on MH/s

Ive seen these, I thought the same. Ive put it down to, changing your settings. To implement them, hive has to close your mining application and restart the mining process. I don’t know if this is the case or not, but that’s what ive settled on lol.

what settings?

I just made a post about the exaclty same thing. I was thinking my internet connection fails from time to time, but it seems it can be another thing. What version of hiveOs are you using? Have you figured out how to fix it?

im using 5.4.80-hiveos.
the internet seems to be fine, its hapenning more and more now…

Yep… The strange thing is that in, shows the shares and the stale shares in that window wich HiveOs shows the gap. I started to think it is something wrong with HiveOS. Even my Estimated Earnings in Ethermine is stable instead of going down if the miner went to offline in that window of time.

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