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What is wrong with my 3060ti?

Hey folks,

I have several 3060tis cards and they all work great but this one is doing something crazy which makes me think it is defective. It is giving me extremely low hash rate and displays 330W of power, which is impossible on this card (200W max). This parameter does not change no mater how I change OC settings. I tried pretty much everything that makes me believe it is a faulty card. I changed OC settings, I tried different miners, different operating systems, risers, wires, computers etc. The result is the same. I also tried running some benchmarks and compare it with other cards and 3D benchmark came out quite lower than other ti I have. Google was no help. Any insights before I try sending back for refund? It drives me nuts. I don’t know what to think of but It looks like power sensor or something is just not working.

And here is a healthy card:

It is brand new cards.

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