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What is the source of xmrig-new miner

Hi everybody.
I’ve just started using Hive OS for mining CPU and GPU, and i found it very easy to use.
But i am wondering about the source of XMRig-new miner (and maybe applu to other).
Do you know if HiveOS is shipped with a custom builded binary ?

In fact i did a checksum of the binary shipped whit HIveOS :

root@rig01:~# sha256sum /hive/miners/xmrig-new/xmrig/6.8.2/xmrig
a04a67d1e0b05f96635bc5da7bbcb86a9039a7aba18fa489b17927372e3ecb0b  /hive/miners/xmrig-new/xmrig/6.8.2/xmrig

And then, as so can see below, i was not able to find the same checksum for every Linux Binaries downloaded from the Official XMrig Github assets :

root@rig01:~# wget
root@rig01:~# tar -zxf xmrig-6.8.2-bionic-x64.tar.gz
root@rig01:~# sha256sum /home/user/xmrig-6.8.2/xmrig
8d6b08da941a83e6bdace98b811f10d0008fcb1ed20a8154fce8448768b5368a /home/user/xmrig-6.8.2/xmrig

root@rig01:~# wget
root@rig01:~# tar -zxf xmrig-6.8.2-focal-x64.tar.gz
root@rig01:~# sha256sum /home/user/xmrig-6.8.2/xmrig
85d48d718c1a6b86ec35b2e1caaa3e0e355eb7fd1955a5a9c322965a0e2ca668 /home/user/xmrig-6.8.2/xmrig

root@rig01:~# wget
root@rig01:~# tar -zxf xmrig-6.8.2-freebsd-static-x64.tar.gz
root@rig01:~# sha256sum /home/user/xmrig-6.8.2/xmrig
63e06ff983239f0c32de8331828f6efaed3eac9398cac5d788a74cd0099ed920 /home/user/xmrig-6.8.2/xmrig

root@rig01:~# wget
root@rig01:~# tar -zxf xmrig-6.8.2-linux-static-x64.tar.gz
root@rig01:~# sha256sum /home/user/xmrig-6.8.2/xmrig
69510db42e300635a6e8a373f156cfa44d5cedad5e35f4ef0b2b2648503a3422 /home/user/xmrig-6.8.2/xmrig

root@rig01:~# wget
root@rig01:~# tar -zxf xmrig-6.8.2-linux-x64.tar.gz
root@rig01:~# sha256sum /home/user/xmrig-6.8.2/xmrig
3bf91e5e03a399ac644c924a250b7768edd3c1c1d85e7c8a96f95bb5d7dcf6d6 /home/user/xmrig-6.8.2/xmrig

I just wanted to know, because i think it is important to run a trusted binarie of our’s miners.
Regards from France

Nobody interested ?
I think it is important to know the source of the miners we are running ?

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