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What is the problem about autofan?

I had already set 70c for Critical temp. Critical action is ON.
Reboot on errors is ON. Fan speed is active.

One GPU temp is 72c. But nothing happens. It is OK if I reboot the rig.
It happens from time to time. Not all the time. (Only a few rigs. Not on all rigs.)

Am I missing something about the settings ?


I think your image/OS version are both predating the current autofan features (cant tell image but your OS version is over a year old from may 29th 2023). Try flashing the latest stable image and then running selfupgrade and try again. Important to keep software up to date for all features to work

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I did it and the problem is gone on a rig. I hope no fan / temp related error again. I iwll update the other rigs as soon as I see the same error if it happens. Thanks