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What is Soc Fercuency?


Hi guys!! Can anyone explain me what is Soc Frecuency? The HiveOS web interface says that it can reduce power and temperature.
Thanks in advance

System on a chip voltage and frequency. Treat these just like other voltages and frequencies, find the lowest values that are stable for best efficiency.

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Thanks @keaton_hiveon!! Do you know where I can find some safe reference values for rx6600xt?

Lower until it’s not stable or until hashrate starts dropping

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I know that part, but what would be the starting point?

Check the info bubble in the soc fields

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Info bubbles gives me default values for an rx5700 but I have only rx6600xt; can I use that values anyway??

It’s a good starting point. Navi and Navi 2 use similar clocks/frequencies. Typically Navi 2 cards can run at lower voltages and higher mem clocks

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Thanks @keaton_hiveon !!

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