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What if 0.1 ETH not reached before ETH 2.0?

I am mining ETH and I am new. I see that hiveos has payout only on reaching 0.1 ETH. My query is if I do not reach 0.1 ETH before ETH 2.0 comes into effect, what happens to my balance on hiveos? Will I lose it completely? Or hiveos make the payout as it will be a unique situation where Ethereum mining is done forever?

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I wonder the same thing as I am around 100 MH shooting for 170 and it takes 3+ months to reach .1

The same question every day, you can’t use SEARCH?
Budou výplatní zůstatky fondu úlu pod 0,1eth po sloučení etherea a při zastavení těžby pro ETH? - Fórum a znalostní báze Místo, kde můžete najít odpovědi na své otázky | Operační systém úlu (
… and many others

Sorry, I don’t understand that language you had posted.
Also, I have not seen the same question posted in last 1 week? So how long is your day!

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