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What does this mean…

Help, please!!! Rig was down when I got home and won’t start miner. Help.

Looking like something is in the way of starting the HiveOS itself.

Note: HiveOS will start without a network connection so that in and of itself is not the issue.

If you are running USB, prepare to reflash it with latest stable kernel, download your rig.conf from the worker interface, and move that file to the Hive directory on USB or SSD.

I am running a usb. Had a friend set that up. How do I do that?…Download it and move it to the usb? Thanks in advance

How do I redo the usb drive?

If you have a windows machine, put the USB in a USB3 port, download the GPU version of HiveOS, and follow the directions for flashing with Etcher.

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Yup, I got it last night. Thank you so much!

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