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What does Real Time Hashrate vs Reported Hashrate mean?

My reports are set at the default time span

Push interval
Interval in seconds between pushing stats to server. Default is 10 seconds.

question is:
hiveOS tells me, for example, that my Real Rate is 400 and that the Reported Rate is 200
Since hive KNOWS the Real Rate AND shows it to me, meaning that they received and know it, why is there a Reported Rate (which appears to be what they calc payout figures from)? What is Reported Rate and how does it differ from Real Rate (which runs, by the update interval settings, just a few seconds behind)?

Average Rate I get, but Reported Rate I’m struggling to understand because the Real Rate has been reported (well enough for hiveOS to show it to me)
Thanks ya’ll!

Reported is what the miner tells the server the hashrate is.

The real time hashrate is a calculation based on the amount of shares submitted in x amount of time. This will fluctuate based on luck, network connection etc etc. this is normal.

Pay attention to your average hashrate on the pool side, as that’s what you get paid by.

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BOOM! :slight_smile:

Sounds on point!

It sounds like the Average Rate is based on the Real Time Rate.
Is that right?

Yep it’s the average of the real time

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