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What causes a decrease in mining unpaid balance?


I’m new to mining on hiveon with hiveos. I’ve been very happy with it up until just a few mintues ago when I noticed my unpaid balance dropped by a few dollars. What would cause this?

I’m mining 182MH/s, only 2 invalid shares for the past 24 hours.

I have screenshots from showing my friend when my unpaid balance was over $80. Now it’s down in the $78 range. I know it’s not a huge amount of money, but this will add up if it keeps happening. And, I have no indication why it has happened.

Any ideas?


You probably have more coin, but the price of that coin fluctuates.


Haha, can’t believe I didn’t notice that. That makes sense. Thanks for the help!

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Same thing happened to me. :smiley:

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I was wondering about the same thing but i have to disagree with that reply.
I did an experiment to see if that was the case and i got my computer to take auto-screenshots every 30 mins.
Latest result shows that the amout also decreases due to a decrease in amount of ETH not just $.
Just a few mins ago eth in my wallet dropped to 0.06509 from 0.06569. At first maybe hiveos takin fee but i already got like 9 bucks in my account and i have only 1 rig farming in hivepool. This is unexplainable weirdness.

it is wierd, my balance is like 25, after 30 min it goes to 23.5, even when eth rising my balance decreases, not funny at all, even daily earning goes up and down but its like it is stuck on a number and dont let balance to increase

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