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What are your OC for A2000 12 GB?

I know the 6GB seems much more efficient, but I only found 12GB versions.

I am considering using water blocks from a custom company in Poland : RTX A2000 Mining Waterblock Full cover - Bartxstore

In the meantime …

What are your stable OC so far ?

Mine :

You’ll want to set the core clock, otherwise that’s using some of your limited power budget on those cards. The goal finding the lowest locked core clock that maintains full hashrate. Also, t-Rex miner should give slightly better results on the pool side.

Thank you, the GPU number 3 is failing repeatedly, so I had to underclock it more, here my settings :

-I try to not reach 100 % TDP to avoid crash; so more around 65-68 watts (instead of the full 70)

I just moded my 12 x A2000 12GB.

What are your OC to maximize the GPU for 45-50 MHS ?

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