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What are the gains achieved from bios modding?

I’ve never dabbled in it. The mining/Linux rabbit hole has been time consuming enough for me. I’m curious about what % increase in hash rate one can expect from bios modding. I’m assuming it also comes with an increase in energy consumption.

No one can answer because we don’t know:

  1. Which card
  2. In what way you plan to modify the vbios
  3. What issue you’re hoping to solve by doing so

That’s the absolute bare minimum to even begin to give you an answer.

Only AMD cards can be flashed with modified vbioses. 1000 series NVIDIA cards and newer use encryption and digital signatures such that only official vbios images can be flashed, if it can even be flashed at all (which it can’t in the case of the 3000 series).

So the answer for NVIDIA cards is 0 H/s.

As for AMD cards, unless you have a specific limitation that you can address by changing that limitation in the card’s vbios or want to alter the memory straps and then can take advantage of that afterwards, then the answer to your question for moddable AMD cards is 0 H/s.

If you don’t have a specific card with a specific reason and specific way to modify the bios and for a specific mining algorithm, the answer is always 0 H/s. You need to have answers to all of those before it will be any help. And you’ll need to give us that info if you expect anyone to be able to give you an answer.

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