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What are "safe" OC settings for 3060 cards?

Hi All,

Setting up some new OCs on my cards (3060 x 2 and 3060ti x 2) and want to keep them as safe as possible by not pushing them too hard.

I am wondering what OC settings would be on the safe(r) side, especially as we can not see memory temps on these cards.

Currently my settings are:
3060 cards = 1550 / 2900 / 0 / 57 degrees = 50.36 MH/s
3060ti cards = 1525 / 2900 / 52 degrees = 62.37 MH/s.

The 3060 cards are using 113/117 w and the ti cards are using 127/130w.


Lower the safer. If they’re stable, and you bought the cards to mine with, let them eat.

If you want to keep them pristine for the next guy, put them back in the box and on the shelf.

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I guess I’ll let them eat. Thanks, Keaton.

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