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Weird Wifi connection issue

I just upgraded my wifi router to an Archer AX10000.
I have two Rigs both using the same Wifi USB adapter.
One Rig connects fine no issue and the second will not connect to the wifi network.
When I run the wifi command it sees all the networks fine. When I enter the password for the new wifi network I get a couple of no carriers, followed by carrier and then no connection.
I can connect to another wifi router without an issue.
When I changed over my routers, I made sure to keep the same SSID and Password, so I didn’t have to worry about going around and reconnecting all my wifi devices.
Again, the other Rig is connected just fine.
Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

try swapping the boot drives from the 2 rigs and see if the problem follows the install or the rig itself. continue narrowing down the issue from there.

if it is the install, do a fresh hive-replace -s -y and try again

try changing your wifi network settings, try moving the rig to a closer location etc etc.

Just to report back, the issue was related to the Smart Connect setting on the router.
As soon as I turned that feature off the rig connected fine. :slight_smile:

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