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Weird Issue - Hive OS going offline every night at the same time

So I have 3 rigs running Hive OS and every night the rigs are dropping off line at 4 AM. Its weird, first two rigs go off at the same time and then 15 mins or so later the last rig drops off line.

The Miner stays up and if I open “Miner” it seems like there is a issue connecting to the pool. But my internet is working? I have another system connected to a different switch and it stay up(Although it is running windows).

Any thoughts?

I’m guess it’s about Claymore’s miner ?

I am using Claymore…

How did you know, common problem? Any solution?

I am also running ccminer, i think that is the one that disconnects 15 mins afterwards…

How did you know, common problem? Any solution?[/quote]
I’m guess something related with devfee and dead pool.
But if we want to make an accurate diagnosis we must look claymore’s log

I have also 3 Rigs using XMR-Stak miner and also my Rigs went offline at same time. Maybe its something wrong with Hiveos?

Didn’t happen last night, fingers crossed it gets fixed…

Happened again this night :frowning: I could ssh to two of my right and did reboot. But cant ssh to my 3. one… If i try to log in with user and PW:1 i get access denied…

maybe ethernet card goes to sleep for power saving.
I had this issue at windows. Solution was here;

Who fixed this problem and How?
I got the same with EWBF miner
Please help!

Found a solution for this weird problem (finally). At least on my setup, the issue seems to be DHCP lease expiring every 24h and ignoring my router. So I just have to tell the rig to keep the connection regardless.

  1. Get to the network.conf file (it’s in the NTFS partition where you configure HiveOS for the first time)
  2. Look for [DHCP] in the file, and add in this extra line:


That section should like this,


Reboot and things should work continuously.

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Hello, this looks like exactly what I need. Please tell me how to access that network.conf file!