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Weird issue after a couple of minutes of start mining

so my miner start mining and after 5 minutes maybe i start to notice that my hashrate drop and the miner keeps “mining” i check the flight sheet everything looks good, i decide to run shellbox and keep an eye on the miner log, after 5mins or so the log of the miner shutdown and this show up this message, and seems that another miner start running pointing to another pool, but the hashrate on the hiveos dashboard show veryyy looow hashrate like H/s on my gpus. Dont know what is this im soon reinstalling the hiveos software but since i thing is something that maybe a vulnerability of some kind i decide to make this post.

not a bad idea to do a fresh install and change the default password.

already did, and now i getting the same thing again, is like some kind of hacking cause now the ssh for remote connection is disabled so they did that now, i even create a new worker for the hash and id

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