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Website Monitor Tab Compact Cube View Not Working

As the title states, if you go to the monitor tab, then click the 9 tiny squares in the top left corner, it should bring you to a compact view of your miners for those who have many miners, whenever it is clicked at this point in time, it just reloads the page, I see that the website was just updated, and just wanted to report this as a simple bug fix. If I might recommend a suggestion as well, I see that in the monitor tab, in now shows the total overall power consumption of all of your workers, and if you go to the individual rig setting it shows the power for that individual rig, is it possible to be able to show the power of each rig in the monitor tab as well on a per miner basis so we can see the total power consumption (where it currently is) then just add on a per miner basis for more monitoring capability? Loving HiveOS every second I use it!

Simply visit and check the resolution compatibility of the monitor.