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Web gui does not show all cards but rig hasing

I power on Hive with only 3 cards powered 1 time and now those card off line according to web gui does not show all cards but it is hashing. I can see hashes all there on web but cards showing offline. If I ssh into OS it is showing all cards and produce all hashes it should.
I reboot, reset and upgrade to next Hive version and the same result, 3 cards off line in web gui. Any suggestions would be appreciated?

rigs running hive send their status to certain IP’s or dns names, make sure the rigs can resolve these dns names

from the rig, try to ping the address on the snapshot below

you can find this list under settings tab of any worker og urs

Thank you for reply! I don’t think it would be DNS problem, I will check DNS anyway. Other rigs fine. Just this one with only 3 cards out of 6 shows on web…

As I suspected DNS all good. It is something with HiveOS config I need to fix to recognize 3 off line cards on that 1 rig. Help?

After upgrading to latest HiveOS ver problem was fixed