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WD: Don't reboot if the internet is lost

So, I am trying to make my rig to reboot when it looses internet connection. I am using WiFi and you know it occasionally loses connection. I´d just tipically reseat the usb dongle and/or reboot the rig via ssh when I´m on the LAN, but I noticed this feature in the HiveOS watchdog but I don´t seem to be able to make it work.

The feature reads “Don’t reboot if the internet is lost”, so I´m guessing I want it TURNED OFF, because I DO want the rig to reboot when the internet is lost. I tried that, powered down my ISP modem for 30 minutes but nothing happened to the rig. I was thinking maybe it´s the other way around and I misunderstand the feature?

I’m having the same issue, the only thing I can do is manually rest the whole rig at the power and it reconnects. It’s quite frustrating as I just had a 5 hour outage while I was asleep…

Maybe time for me to invest in a network cable