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WD: Don't reboot if the internet is lost

So, I am trying to make my rig to reboot when it looses internet connection. I am using WiFi and you know it occasionally loses connection. I´d just tipically reseat the usb dongle and/or reboot the rig via ssh when I´m on the LAN, but I noticed this feature in the HiveOS watchdog but I don´t seem to be able to make it work.

The feature reads “Don’t reboot if the internet is lost”, so I´m guessing I want it TURNED OFF, because I DO want the rig to reboot when the internet is lost. I tried that, powered down my ISP modem for 30 minutes but nothing happened to the rig. I was thinking maybe it´s the other way around and I misunderstand the feature?

I’m having the same issue, the only thing I can do is manually rest the whole rig at the power and it reconnects. It’s quite frustrating as I just had a 5 hour outage while I was asleep…

Maybe time for me to invest in a network cable

neither i
im working with wifi even modem and device have 1m distance and sometime after 1 hour, 5min, 2hour device are not connected to any network also i were searching for command if device lost internet try to reboot automatically aaaannnd volaa nothing, nothing i got, i hope developers try solve the problem and it is wifi getting down after minutes and if the cant do it so try invest some command if network lost device try reboot by self

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