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Watchdog shows a hard CPU lockup after a brief period

When I start hiveos, I get a message about being unable to connect to the network and then the system starts mining. The system shows up in my dashboard and it indicates that it is mining, so I know that the network connection problem goes away or is an incorrect error.

After a few minutes Watchdog shows a hard CPU lockup. I have to power off the system and start again.

If I boot with a windows 10 SSD, the system runs without problems, connects to the internet etc. This is an Asrock H110 BTC+ mobo.

i can´t tell you about the wachdog problem, but about the message you get on the uploading screen of Hiveos its just because the driver of the LAN card its not loaded fast enougth, but during the load the driver wil load, it happen to me too but its nothing to be concern about.

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