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Watchdog Set up for Reboot When Offline

I got my first rig running a couple of weeks ago. The rig has been going offline lately. I set-up Watchdog to try to get it to reboot when the rig goes offline. Here’s a screenshot of my settings. My rig hasn’t been automatically rebooting so I’m not sure if my Watchdog set-up is correct. I have about 60 MH/s from two 1660 supers. Any suggestions? Thank you!

The problem with the watchdog is it needs a working rig to reboot. If your rig powers off for some reason it can not be rebooted remotely. You need to see why it powers off

My rig looks to be still powered up…the leds are green. But I am getting the icon that the network connection is lost. I do have it plugged into a power line adapter. Maybe next time it happens I’ll try to plug it directly into the router. Also, I did recently upgrade my HiveOS so i downgraded to an earlier version as well.

I have had this same issue. No reboot for hours. Usually a reboot fixes most issues such as low hash rates.

your rig says restarting but it doesnt ?

That’s the miner restarting. First the miner then the rig although the rig never reboots.

it seems that the watchdog is bugged. it can not properly restart the rig and is stuck somewhere during the restart process.

Yes. Could try reflashing the ‘disk’ with HiveOS then see if that temporarily fixes the issue. Might be able to identify what may be triggering this unless it’s just the watchdog code within the API.

I’ve also noticed that my rig will have this error

initMiner error: out of memory

although I’m using 8GB cards for ETH mining. One card errors, then all cards experience the same error, and then it just constantly restarts the miner but no rig reboot as can be seen within the attachment.

I also changed the watchdog to monitor the hashrate for Ethminer rather than monitoring the Ethash algorithm. Also updated HiveOS to 0.6-204.

I will observe if anything changes. If not, I will most likely reflash HiveOS and see what that does.


I have been able to get the watchdog to reboot the rig after following these steps:

I have swapped these and will continue to observe. Also, I have noticed the minutes would randomly change to values that I have not set. Seems to be a buggy watchdog.


Restarting the mining software before rebooting the rig seems to cause the rig to never reboot.
Most likely a watchdog issue.

I ended plugging my ethernet cable directly into the router and I haven’t gotten offline in days. The connection on my power line adapter must have been dropping.

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