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Watchdog not working

The software watchdog does not work at all as intended. I have 2 miners running on the same rig (XMRig and Onezerominer), and only XMRig is being checked by the watchdog. Both miners have set hashrate limits, but the watchdog completely disregards both ASR% and hashrate of the second miner. Is there any ways to fix this as I would expect it to work when its a part of the OS?

The individual watchdog settings are only applicable to the first miner in the flight sheet, you can drag the other miner to the top if you’d rather have it keep track of onezerominer for accepted share rate

Is there any reason why it doesn’t work on the second miner or anything you can du to make it work on both?

its a back end issue, so not anything you can do on your end. its on the to-do list i believe.