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Watchdog for memory support lolminer?

hello, i have some rtx ,
and summer is comming,
lolminer support memory temp ,
but in fan control or watchdog
there is no memory control for stop/pause/reboot on hight temp ?
i change pad last year but look no anymore good …

possible to request memory temp control for safety ? in watchdog ?
i lower speed on memory on 3090 to save a bit °c
but when im not at home ,no watchdog for save hardware on memory overheat :frowning:
can you update hiveos for support this newfeature ?

i just ask for reboot when a card reach 95° ?
( specified mem temp ? )
you do it for card , but memory chip is the same
and no setting to save it


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ill pass the suggestion on to the team.

95c for memory isn’t dangerous by any means, they don’t throttle until 110c.
heat cycling them by rebooting would be harder on them than sustained 100c imo.

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yes i know it’s 105 or 110 …

but it’s spring here, 25°c
summer will be 35-38 …
so actually 92-94 + 10 or 12 °c = 100 and more
was no good for hardware …
thank’s guy

watchdog coldown ?
can u just stop card minning , and restart them like temp we setting ?