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Watchdog error?

20210820 02:26:45 WARN: Built-in watchdog has been disabled!

20210820 02:26:45 Starting on:

20210820 02:26:45 Using protocol: stratum1.

20210820 02:26:45 Authorizing…

20210820 02:26:45 Authorized successfully.

20210820 02:26:45 ethash epoch: 435, diff: 5.00 G

20210820 02:26:45 ApiServer: HTTP server started on

Why does it say watchdog has been disabled? I have it enabled on the hiveos dashboard.

I have the same problem

Sorry for late reply

Using 2 different miners on this rig & when I go to watchdog settings I have to select settings for both miners. I don’t think I’ve seen that message in a long time.

So basically it must have been disabled for the other miner I didn’t notice.

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