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Watchdog: BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 23s!

I wake up to my rig not working correctly this morning.
My rig consist of x3 1660 Super, x1 Vega 64 and x1 6700 XT, H110 PRO BTC+ Motherboard, 750 Watt psu, 1200 Watt HP psu, and intel celeron cpu.

The rig was working perfectly fine for 3+ weeks up to this morning. Its really weird, I unplug all my nvidea gpu’s, the rig boots up and starts mining. If I just plug one nvidea gpu in, I get this message and mining does not begin. I tried multitude of things, pcie gen 1,2,auto in Bios, trying different gpu risers, switch the pcie ports on the motherboard, reinstall Hive OS twice, once most updated version and other with downgraded version, nothing gives.

The rig is running Lolminer (latest version) But this does not matter since it does not boot up correctly with nvidea gpus plugged in.

I did notice that the problem occurs right after hive tries to load the Nvidea drivers.

Help would be greatfully apreciated =)

Does it do the same with only nvidia cards and no amd?

I think I figured it out. I pulled the gpu “cpu #0” out. It is one of the GTX 1660 S. I turn my machine on, and voila! It now works perfectly with 2x GTX 1660s, 1x VEGA 64, and 1x RX 6700XT. I tested the gpu in my gaming pc and it doesn’t get past the log in screen. The screen just goes black. I also switched the PCIE riser on the mining rig and still nothing. So it seems like the problem was one of the GTX 1660 S. Not sure what happened to it.

Edit 1: I think this might be a vbios issue. I had my RTX 3080 FE that was not giving me HDMI signal but the DP’s were. I looked at the gpu’s vbios and noticed it was a few patches behind. Upgraded vbios with nvflash with the latest bios here: VGA Bios Collection | TechPowerUp and now it gives me HDMI/DP’s. I know this is going off topic a bit, but I am going to try to do the same with the GTX 1660 S and see if it fixes it.

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My problems seems to be exactly the same of LeFrenchyCG, i´m minning whit 2 boards a 1660 Super and a 1660 TI.

I´t been fine for 3 months and stop with no apparent reason.

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