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!WARNING! Theft camouflaged in the update [email protected] ! WARNING!

After the last update of HiveOS version [email protected], I noticed that my rig was stopping to show the yields.
Checking the conslusions on the system panel, I noticed that there was a wallet address different from mine.
I took the address and accessed, with this it was possible to prove that they hacked the update and inserted configurations to steal the users.
Attachment prints that prove the action.

I missed about 1 day of work, but there may be people who lost a little more and are still losing without knowing.
I recommend that everyone check their mining configurations.

Since u r running a mining business, i would suggest that you shouldn’t apply updates whenever they release or ASAP ,
keep amd rig and nvidia rig for updates testing hive updates and keep it running for several days

or it is better to schedule ur updates periodically ( monthly ) or (bi-weekly) , or it is better to update only critical ones, also keep test rigs for updates

no one on the internet is secured 100%
google, yahoo, banks and multi-billion businesses getting hacked everyday

I strongly recommend that you read the safety notes before you are completely bullshit and banned for slander.

Read this:

Dear moderator HaloGenius,

I did not understand this issue of banishment for lies or slander …
I just put an evidence of a fact that occurred in my machine and apparently it happened with more people, since the income of the wallet that received unduly fell considerably from yesterday to today.

As for security, I follow the rules and never had problems until this update.
Warn is not inciting!