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WARN: NVML: can't get GPU #2, GPU is lost

HI all, having this odd issue where after about 5-10 mins of mining I get a message showing:
“WARN: NVML: can’t get GPU #2, GPU is lost”
It seems to still be recording hashing however I see no temp, power, fan, efficiency stats for it.
Any clues as to what might cause this?

Were you able to solve the issue?
I’ve got the same problem with kawpow on 1060 cards

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i got this issue as well when i added 2 cards to my 1060 rig

Disable nvml, exemple whit t-rex miner “no” : “nvml”.

Might wanna check your overclock settings as well until it stabilizes.

not work … There is a mistake.
Written like that doesn’t work at all.