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WaltonChain (WTC) VERY PROFITABLE ! CPU and GPU miner needed on HIVEOS


Is someone got ideas to compile miners (CPU and GPU) for WTC WaltonChain ? please ?
More info on this videos and links: (GPU NVIDIA only) (CPU) (Bitcontalk thread - zero infrmations about mining :frowning: )

WTC seems to be created only for being mined with their own software on Windows … WTF ?
Someone can help me ??

It is really profitable cause i made 3.5 WTC (30$) in 26 hours with only ONE i5 !!
Diff will increase, it was launched last night !! someone can help pls ??

If this info is true and not from yestreday’s Foolish Day then only one way to mine it on windows

I’m couldn’t find any info in white paper about algo/mining process

Yes it is true informations ,

Seems there is no solution form mining under debian or other OS :((((

or in fact , as often , it is possible , but … VERY VERY complicated