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Wallets and Flightsheets in ASICs confusion


maybe someone can explain to me this…
I’m mining using ASICs with Hiveon OS and in Hive OS when I want to create a Flight sheet it needs to be linked to a Wallet. I don’t understand this connection. I want the Flight sheet to simply contain pool settings that can be applied to multiple asics. The wallet for getting the mined coins is actually configured in the pool itself. What’s the connection between the Wallet in Hive OS and the one configured in pool settings?

you need an address to mine to, check with your pool for config if theyre different.

Actually in case of Antpool the wallet is not part of the worker identifier. They’re using sub-account name as a prefix. I’ve managed to configure the Flight Sheet with a dummy wallet and set custom settings for the pool configuration. Everything works just fine :slight_smile:

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