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Wallet settings in Hive used for Monero on pool

I am looking for wallet settings to use in Hive for Monero on pool and send to Bittrex. Anyone have a working example? Is anyone using the XMR-stak miner in hive successfully or is there another one? Also, Bittrex gives me an address and an ID, do I use one or the other or both for authentication?

Cryptonight based coins addresses at exchanges usually uses address + paymentID.
You must setup both. Otherwise, your funds will be lost
Short explain story. Address - it’s exchanges address and by Payment ID exchanges find out that it’s your money.

Now I’m busy at my work but If no one helps I’ll try to help you later.

Where do I place the ID in Hive?

Throw dot
Address.PaymentID in %DWAL% field

I have done this, still get errors :frowning: Let me change pools

OK, now another problem. Please see here.

Address+paymentId. All together, the + is the connector