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Wallet Pool Example for Eth

Hi All,
Not sure what I am doing wrong but I have been mining Eth for 2 days at 55 MH/s, but when I check my Eth wallet there are no transactions, I used the wallet example pool.

%EWAL%: My Eth wallet address

Miner: Claymore Dual

Should it be?, WALLET: %EWAL%, WORKER: %WORKER_NAME%, PSW: x

Or should I use a different pool?

Figured it out, the pool address is correct. You can monitor your hashing on the pool website, just haven’t had any payouts yet :frowning:

Also HiveOS says I am hashing at 55MH/s but on the 2miners site they say I am at 40 MH/s, is this common?

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the usually pools reported effective hashrate (number of shares taken during a period - for example 2 hours or 6 hours), some pool reported also average hashrate (reported average hashrate during some period - up to 24h ), finally we also have current hashrate that reported by miner and you can see in HiveOS. On some pools, for example,, the current hashrate (known as reported hashrate), average hashrate and effective are applied to one graph.

How did you find your rig on 2miners? How do u know your rigs adress for 2mimers? Please reply i am struggleing.