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Wallet.conf on USB reverts back to old setting after reboot

I edited my wallet.conf to point to a new wallet and then do a miner restart. Everything works great, until there’s a reboot, then wallet.conf reverts back to my old wallet setting. The wallet is also set correctly in the UI.

It’s like when I save the file it’s being cached to memory but not written to the USB stick.

Any suggestions?

File in the filesystem is rewritten every time you reboot the rig. This is “by design”. You have to change the wallet in HiveOS Dashboard, and in the Flight Sheet start using this new wallet. Or, just change the address in your existing wallet.

thanks for that info, i’d never heard that before. i did change the wallet and flight sheets as i mentioned, not sure why it didn’t take permanently. i will pull the USB stick and edit the wallet.conf on my desktop at some point then.

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