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Wake on alarm by local/global time and/or local weather request

Spring is here and it gets awfully warm in the daytime with the miners on. Would it be possible to add a “wake-on time” feature? Hive already allows waking after 30s of shutting down so it doesn’t seem very complicated from there. The idea is to wake some miners in the evening when the temperature and power cost is lower.

As another option, could we add a feature to wake based on local weather conditions? This may require incorporating a “weather app api”.

Lastly, I do not believe it is possible to query GPU/motherboard temperatures when a miner is off, so wonder if using ambient temperature for “wake up” would be possible? I’d rather not have to use a smart plug to do all this.

Thank you,

You can use for example smart sockets with temperature sensors to to it. It’s can be done by using temperature limits. So you can turn on/off your electronic device (rig for example).
As addition you will get possibility work by timer.

Currently at the market enough good things to do some crazy tasks :grinning:

yes, I just set up my smart sockets to turn on this way by clock today. I don’t have a wifi thermostat yet but I see my smart sockets can be controlled by google assistant so maybe I set them up according to outside weather. It would be nice to have the smart sockets integrate the “true power” into hive. Mine monitor real time power use & kwh over a month.

Looks like weather trigger is allowed by “scene” feature in my smart plugs. This should take care of my issues.