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Waiting for txId

Hi, i change mi Flight Sheet to another one, whit another wallet. and now the pay is not proceced and say “Waiting for txId”.

what can I do?

Just got the same thing but i have not made any changes to my address and have received several payout to the currently set wallet any answer to this ?

doink to keep post up. have same silly issue

Same issue here :thinking:

No payout last night. Going on 12hours now! Just says pending. Has anyone received an answer?

I’m having the same issue still waiting on payout. Any idea what’s going on yet?

The same here. I also changed the flight sheet but the status was already “Waiting for txld” before changing. It’s been 12h now without payment.

Same issue here. No changes to the farm.

i’ve checked out forum quite a bit. no reply from any officials. but this is annoying

same her. now the tx number doesn’t exist on etherscan. I am getting a bad feeling about this. I guess it’s time to change pools:(

Agreed. Going back to Ethermine after this.

Finally completed last night. No more waiting for txld.

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