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Vram Temp Too high?


My rig work well for 3 month from now, today i decide to upgrade to last hiveos to get the T-Rex upgrade that add VRAM temp to display.

I lower some setting to get 92° but got 96-98° before.

I’m scary to know these VRAM temp are soo high for the 3070ti since 3 month.

I see some tips to reduce these temp but i can’t find what is the max temp for VRAM (of course lower is always the best).

just turn your fan up, youre only at 60%

if your t-rex version is 0.25.12 you had to have 67/65/62 MH
all of the 3070ti have a issue with vram temp because they use micron gddr6x
if you wanna solve this problem buy thermal grizzly thermal pad and change the thermal pad
if you need a help go to youtube and see rpm video about change 3070ti zotac thermal pad

Increase your gan and reduce the Core with Core 990 you can get +60Mhs with Trex or LolMiner without problems

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@keaton_hiveon Currently i prefere to lower power than up fan speed. The rig is in a living room to keep it hot. I got too much noise after 75% speed power

@alidev Yeah i’m using t rex 0.25.12, i already see a lot of video to replace the termal pad but i’m not enjoy to modify the card now because the warranty is already good

Mininggago Increase gan? If fan you can check 1 part about noise. I try a lot of setting and never got higher than 56MH without crash but i need to edit my lhr setting currently i use: “lhr-tune”: “7,7”

Thanks for all of your reply i will make some test right now

EDIT: Here is with the new lhr setting
“lhr-autotune-mode”: “full”
“lhr-autotune-step-size”: “0.1”
“lhr-autotune-interval”: “15”

instead of
“lhr-tune”: “7,7”

I also switch the core clock for 3070ti from 1400 to 990

I got ~129Mh before
I got ~134Mh now

But memory temp didn’t go down until i modify the card or upgrade the fan speed i guess

But they are under 104C so don’t worry…

Why you are using 2 miners instead only 1 miners. You are loosing profit.

If your 3 GPUs generate 5 shares, if you do 2 Gpus and 1 gpus. it will not be 3.66 + 1.33 shares, it will be 3 Shares and 1 Share. Loosing 1 share. I don’t know why don’t use a unique miner, that helps getting more shares, and we are payed by shares in HiveON Pool.

I prefere to use TRex and he didn’t work with ATI

Ok… I prefer profit, that is why I comment it :slight_smile:

Same i prefer profit :wink:

That why i keep using Trex that give me like 10% MH more than any other miner

You are not honest with that comment… surely not :wink:

65.8Mhs 3070TI …far away from your 57.77

I can get 70mh too at start (like you with 5min up time)

A quick search for: Hiveos 3070ti" show my a lot of picture of people having 59-61 with 3070ti

Here is the result with lolminer

Like i say i préfère 135-136Mh than 103 :smiley:

Early start like you

But keep focus about the original topic.

I’m not here to overclock GC and get more MH, i’m here to ask what is a suitable temperature for vram?

Easy to beat :wink:

You have a Nvidia and i got a Zotac…
At this point your setting and my setting will not be the same and the result too…
And you completly ignore anything about the main post …

That look like trolling … i probably stop feed you :wink:

First time I read ZOTAC doesn’t use Nvidia … :rofl: :rofl:

Pls read … i didn’t write Zotac doesn’t use Nvidia …

Look like you didn’t know that constructor can make different graphique card with custom setting/memory/clock speed ect…

You can see here 2 RTX 3070 ti build by Nvidia and Zotac


I’m really surprise some people didn’t know that…

“You have a Nvidia and i got a Zotac…” better not more comments about :wink:

Have =/= Use

… o_O amazing troll guys can you stop?

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