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Vnish Firmware Miner Can not Reboot From Hive Remotely

I installed Vnish Custom Firmware on most of my S19 Pro Hydro 184 TH. I can add them on Hive but I can not reboot or restart from Hive remotely. That means Hashrate Watchdog is not working either. Please help me with how can I reboot or restart from hive remotely to those Vnish Firmware installed miners.

Thanks in advance.

Are you getting any error messages? I can test vnish on some other asics and see if reboot is working there soon.

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Thanks for the reply Keaton, You may test and I am sure they don’t work as well. So far I use Vnish on almost all my S19 Pro Hydro 184TH and all of them are showing fine on hive but can not remotely reboot or restart whatsoever.

Does it return an error when you click reboot? Does start/stopping the miner work?

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Thank you for your kind reply always Keaton. I found the problem. A custom password is used to add root and root but for Vnish their default password is admin. When I changed the password to root from admin in Vnish firmware, I could reboot and was able to use the hash rate watchdog now. You are the best as always.

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