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VNC toggle drops off after reboot

After updating hiveos from april ver. to present latest ver. i have a problem: VNC toggle drops off after reboot
i like using vnc on pc and tablet for monitoring gpu stats. Its simple and fast.
any suggestons for fixing or another monitoing tool?
thank you for answers

are you on the latest image/kernel?
what stats are you looking for on vnc that you dont see on your hive dashboard?

yes, latest 0.6-218@220717

this vnc toggle keeps falling off

are you on kernel #110? what stats are you looking for on vnc that you dont see on your hive dashboard?

Kernel 5.10.0-hiveos #83
im sorry, i dont understand wdym by “stats for vnc”; i send picture from global settings.
i just need stable vnc connection after reboots.
maybe its a new feature to disable remote access?

Which stats are you seeing via vnc that you don’t see on your hive dashboard?

I need to see all stats in miner. Im using official vnc programm on pc and on tablet.
Because 1 gpu is unstable, every time as rig reboots after gpu error - vnc toggle in settings (Turn on VNC access) is becoming toggled off. I press toggle on. And continue to use vnc. Thats annoying as hell.

////////////VNC stats in programm

I havent this kind of problem before update.
ssh and hiveshell are compicated to connect in comparsion with vnc.

I’m checking on the issue of the toggle state not surviving a reboot now. But was there a specific stat that you are after that you don’t see on the main worker overview dashboard? The goal of the dashboard is to give you as much info at a glance so you’re not needing to remote into the rig to check things, so I’m curious what you think it’s missing that you need to remote in to see.

theres no specific stat that dashboard missing.
i must see wattage of gpus to be sure its alive or not
its just not in real time like vnc.
im thinking of downgrading hiveos, thats stupid update

Wattage is shown on the dashboard, and it is updated every 15 seconds f you refresh, or 30 seconds automatically. Are your rigs very unstable that you need to monitor them so much? Do cards stop working often?

Issue is being looked at by the team, will update when they get back to me.

Yes, i have some power problems with gpu
Im glad to hear, that vnc could be fixed in updates, ty

another problem here
after i have downgraded to 0.6-214, i lost vnc access
even when i cam back to last version, i still dont have vnc access. sadly
shellinabox and ssh are working fine
settings all same
ip havent changed
how to fix that?

Are you doing a fresh install via hive-replace? Or just downgrading/upgrading and staying on whatever kernel you were on before?

If you’re having any issues the best thing to do is start with a fresh latest stable via hive-replace -s -y

idk, i just reinstalled hiveos image from scratch
its weird, that drivers of gpus, kernel ver. havent been upgraded through standart update
vnc still works for one boot
thanks for help

bug was found and should be fixed in one of the coming updates

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That’s good they are looking into it. Mine started doing the same thing, after every reboot it disables VNC connections and I have to flip it back on. Sometime several times a day if I am working on the rig and rebooting it often.

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