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Visual bug on worker screen


Yesterday i found a bug in Hiveos, its on the worker screen.
Im running the latest version and the latest drivers.
This test rig is running a Asus B250 mining, intel G4400 and 8gb ram.

The bug is that i have a rx580 8gb and then installed a Amd firepro W7100 yesterday.
After installing that the worker screen jumps between an old screen and the new screen in different time periods. One screen that only has the rx580 and needs an update, and the one that has 2 cards and is updated. How it actually is.
Miner is working as it should.

On the pictures below, you can see everything.

Any idea?
Im not sure that the W7100 is supported in hiveos tho…


I just read this after posting a similar problem.

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