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Virus on L3+

I have been battling with a virus on my L3+. It changes my mining pool config to something from nicehash.
I tried the Hive SD card firmware upgrade, it worked but the pool information still got altered to Nicehash. I actually thought HiveOS was suppose to protect miners from virus attacks.

Any help or experience?

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hello, what firmware do you have? did you change the password? take screenshot page pool …

it’s not a virus, it’s just that your fixed ip of your router is scanned and that you have not changed your password of your custom firmware, and you can even add the ssl if necessary …

I run HiveOS on my miner. When i edit the pool information, it mines to my pool then after a while reverts to a strange nicehash pool.

hello, you are not answering the question! what firmware your miner? have you modified the access code of the minor?

You have a virus.
Curing The Virus For Dummies : litecoinmining (

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