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VII and bminer on Hive


i tried to change my rig to Grin. But bminer would start.
I reset my previors oc setting. and set the bminer flight sheet with c32 algo.
when i start the miner it changed to equihash
where am i wrong, thx for your help

Screenshot 2023-01-01 162305
Screenshot 2023-01-01 162151

Doesn’t look like the miner has started. Can you post the miner log and the whole flight sheet (before clicking edit)



hi, thx for your help. it seems like hive or the miner switch to equhash algo. dont know why

Please show your flight sheet before clicking edit

before clicking edit , its the second pic in the middle from the post before.

Click on it so I can see your actual flight sheet, with addresses, pools, etc.

didnt see that i can open the flightsheed by clicking on it

That flight sheet isn’t applied to your worker. Can you show the one that is?

is lolminer working for you? bminer doesnt seem to be working for me either with cuckatoo32

i tried setting up a grin miner a while ago, and most miners had stopped supporting cuckatoo32 (maybe some have reincorporated it since the merge). Many of the support pages stated they did, but the miner complained.

Not sure if gminer worked

Lolminer worked.
ive tested both mining software in windows with 3080 and bminer get more hashrate than lol.

i think, hive doesnt change the algo in the .bat file could that be?
and is it possible to set the bat file manual?

Linux doesn’t use batch files. You’re welcome to try running it from the command line same as you would on a standard Linux/Ubuntu install