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Viewing output for the second miner

Hi all, just not super familiar with the shell-in-a-box, I’ve got claymore and EWBF miner both running but I want to view the output from EWBF miner and I can see there’s something that looks like a tab arrangement on the bottom of the terminal window, but I have no idea how to move tabs, so to speak.

As far as I understand your question, it is necessary to watch the output of the result of the second miner which is EWBF. This can be done by running the miner command in the terminal and switching between 1 and 2 miner combinations
Ctrl+A 1 - first miner
Ctrl+A 2 - second miner
Ctrl+A D - exit


That works! Alternatively, I found you can use the command “miner 2”

Awesome i was looking for this lol thanks all :#

i also found that command but it stil shows miner 1 so i think it ignores the 2 in the command

Did u find any solution?