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ViaBTC Verify

I setup a Flight Sheet to mine Eth on ViaBTC with Ethminer. I have been hashing at 733MH for over 2hrs (six 3090s). Is there a way to check real time earnings (I am familiar monitoring via my wallet address on HivePool and Etherminer)? Update: can someone help me find how my rig is performing on ViaBTC. After 17hrs, I haven’t been able to monitor if the rig is making money while hashing at avg. 733MH. Is there a way to check on ViaBTC - simial to checking the wallet address on other pools. I am new to Hive OS, and mining on ViaBTC.

I am also wondering how to mine with viabtc. How did you get the subacount to work? Did you use phoenix miner?

Hello, I wrote an example on how to do it here: New to Hive OS - #5 by bardenas

If you log into ViaBTC and click on pools, you have to change the coin you are looking at with the dropdown menu. Just make sure when setting up your wallet you use your ViaBTC username as the address and not an actual address.

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