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Very low rewars those days

Anyone knows what is happening that the rewards have dropped almost 60%, while other pools like f2pool are working at 100%?
Best regards!

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Yes, i would like to know what is actually happening now?

Other pools and even Whattomine or Cryptocompare are showing 200-250% more earnings per day for given hashrate!

Please, someone clarify!

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I’m on the same boat.
Whattomine shows me 13,43$ Mining ETH with a 5700 xt and a 1060 but hiveon pool only shows 5,5$ (Average 81,18 MH/S over 24h).
What’s the problem?

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Has this been solved? Should we change to some other pool?

not solved, this is ridiculous

Have you tried swithching to ethermine or some other pool?

I’ve found during the morning in Europe that Hive OS is poor for rewards. Come evening, it gets better.

Butyes, would also like to know why rewards seem to have plumetted.

i moved from ethermine to hive and and so far so good but it takes a few weeks with very low rewards

what pool is now on fire?

Wh is that? It’s not consant from start?

In the hive pool it was never constant, it always went up and down but they gave very good results … For two weeks the pool in Europe must be saturated …

f2pool was showing earlier today (around 11:00 GMT) as being 60% above HiveOS according to minerstat.

Well, what do we consider a good stat for the current situation?

How much ETH mined per 100 MH/s per month?

My rates are total crap as well as of the making of this post. But I’m not even on HiveOn Pool. I’ve been on Ethermine for a while. Constant Hashrate of 260 MH/s – and an estimate of 0.24890 ETH per month. Which is in accordance with what a random calculator would suggest to me as well.

Given the high (I compare it to March’s exchange rates) price at the moment, one would expect better yields, but I’m guessing the network difficulty is up as well? From March until now, the network’s difficulty has increased by 30%… That explains at least my own yields. Soon, it will be time to pack up for small miners. Not sure if those new ASICs are released onto the network already or not, but once they are up and running, it’s gonna screw GPU miners even more. Then all that can help is a high ETH price.

would like to know some real life experiences about other pools… iwas mining for erhermine for a while, but it wasn´t too much higher…so what the deal with pools…loads of comments "it looks like " etc… :roll_eyes:

its normal! when rate of ETH goes up, you will get decrease on profit from pool, and the opposite.
the other thing is difficulty…nowadays every 3rd person is mining like crazy so…
so, the more popular the coin is, the more difficult to mine it will be :slight_smile:

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It just feels like everyone is mining… most of the populstion dont know nothing about crypto… even less about mining. anyway, lets hope well see good feward s before eiip hits… No matter what, ill keep on mining as long i can make 50$ after expences :sweat_smile::rocket:

trust me, i know a lot of people that have no idea what even PC hardware means - somebody told them, buy a rig, plud it and you will star making money :slight_smile:
well i hope we will be able to mine atleast till end of 2021 - but who knows, time will tell :slight_smile:

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sure we will be mining for years to come! there is so many coins to mine, for now less profit than eth, but hey… its crypto… u never know whats gonna happen next :rofl::rocket:

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Why is this the case; how is it justified? Sorry, out of the loop on this one.

watch this one - this guy explains it very well :slight_smile: Why Ethereum Mining Profits go UP :point_up_2: when market goes DOWN :point_down: - YouTube

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