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Very low performance after HiveOS upgrade

Greetings guys.
I’ve been having problems with HIveOS updates for a while now. If I do a clean install with the latest stable image, everything works perfectly. If I upgrade (selfupgrade) all my rigs/gpus drop to 30-40-50% of the expected consumption/hashrate. This occurs with the two miners I use (lolminer and rigel). The solution I found was to manually update the miners as they are launched. Anyone else having the same problem? I’ll leave prints of my rigs.

Try setting all the OC from the miner instead of mixing

All overclocks are configured on the miners. Do you think removing the entire hive over setting will make any difference?
Can doing a fractional self-upgrade, one update at a time, make a difference? I thought about this the other day, but haven’t tried it yet.

Yeah remove all the oc from the gui if using the miner to control

Thanks Keaton.
Clearing the overclocks in Hive resolved the issue.

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